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How about a crazy Rock’N’Roll or Swing routine instead of the usual Ballroom dance???
We will create a routine to a music of your choice , we can edit the song if needed to make it even better for your dance.
We can teach you the routine in a private classe or by video.

In Private Classe : We plan several appointments, we teach you the basics, the steps, and then moves. We put everything together and make an amazing routine for your guest.

By Video : We send you videos with explanations of steps, moves, technique, and everything you’ll need to feel comfortable with the routine.
We also send you With and without music the whole choreo to have a picture of how it will be.

The price is based on time and effort involved. Depending on if you danced rock’n’roll or any kind of swing dances, you’need more or less privates.

The cost for creating your personal choreography will be around 150€.